Thursday, April 19

Hallelujah Nuns

A good friend referred me to this video on YouTube. It features The Turtle Creek Chorale, an outstanding men's chorus from Dallas, Texas comprised of over 200 singing members. It is my fervent hope that Brenda, or Ted, or Gayle will lead their choir(s?) in a similar presentation later this year.

...and I know some would say it's not the right time of the year for this (although it is still Easter) but early hints provide ample time for planning. Miz M and dragonbug please note: thou art not the only one's fond of the triple dot!

Click on the "play" symbol below or follow this link to a truly amazing performance!

Wednesday, April 11

Can't believe I had any score on the anime

What Be Your Nerd Type?
Your Result: Science/Math Nerd

(Absolute Insane Laughter as you pour toxic chemicals into a foaming tub of death!)

Well, maybe you aren't this extreme, but you're in league with the crazy scientists/mathmeticians of today. Very few people have the talent of math and science is something takes a lot of brains as well. Thank whosever God you worship, or don't worship, so thank no deity whatsoever in your case, for you people! Most of us would have died off without your help.

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Social Nerd
Artistic Nerd
Drama Nerd
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Thanks to Father Carioca for the link!