Sunday, June 17

How did they know??

Dragonbug is playing games that I've also seen in various other blog and MySpace posts...I decided to give it a try.

So....Google "(your name) needs" and see what the top ten (or thereabouts) responses are. Here's my list; I've commented on some.

1. Phil Needs To Help AT&T And Verizon (more than I already do every month?)
2. Phil Needs A New Act
3. Phil needs a blog. Well, an active one, at least (I'm sure Ms Minx will appreciate this one)
4. Phil needs more attentions than a "normal" boy (Alright; both of you can stop laughing right now!)
5. Phil needs Joan (M may have something to say about this one)
6. PHIL NEEDS AN ATTITUDE MAKEOVER (Were the caps REALLY necessary?)
7. 'Phil' needs to find more future
8. Phil needs to check for Mozilla promotion
9. Phil needs to die!! (not IMHO!!)
10. Phil Needs Help
11. Phil needs to get in shape (Round is a shape)
12. Phil needs a change
13. Phil needs a ruling (Is that spanked with a ruler?!? Just asking, of course...)
14. Philip needs to realize he isn't Claire's father and needs to start acting like it. .... If he wants what's best for Claire, he needs to be Uncle Phillip ... (Hit the jackpot here - 3 "needs" in one citation!)