Thursday, September 13

Got Me Again!

Another chunk of time spent on a quiz found on Miz Minka's blog. When will I ever learn? says I'm an Uber Cool Nerd.  What are you?  Click here!

If it weren't for the math questions and my personal library (and a few comic books that I have had stashed away for a loooong time now), I don't think I would have scored anywhere nearly this high. My relatively low score on technology/computers leaves me somewhat mystified; I frequently find myself serving as a friend's tech support staff and my career is certainly chock full of "technology". Must be because I chose my books over a computer when asked which I would not do without...

Probably the most amazing aspect of this test is the close score agreement between Miz Directed and me in the areas of history/literature and technology/computer. Who would have ever guessed? I can't wait to see Dearest Dork's results; she'll most likely put us all to shame in ways we never imagined.