Thursday, March 13


Dragonbug recently dared me to post my "brainscan" from; could I possibly refuse this humble request? But which name? I tried quite a few and have herein posted two - very different indeed - scans. I have chosen to ignore the dreamingly content/shit-for-brains scan that I have a hunch was the one to which my "friend" alluded.

Oh, and call me "Felipe", please. I'm not sure "Unkle Phil" fits...

Tuesday, March 4

When Grand Central Stood Still

A strange sight at Grand Central. A couple of hundred people, indistinguishable from the 500,000 commuters who pass through the midtown station each day, suddenly freeze. They were part of an improv group which has put on this public event before, but never in such a theatrical space. A cop was asked what was going on: "I have no idea! That is the craziest shit I’ve ever seen in my life, and I'm a cop!"